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“Fish Story” 1946-47 Anne Mckinnon

Anne McKinnon     A “Fish Story” circa 1946-47 

Anne McKinnon with family 1946 JPEGSince she was a very small girl, Anne McKinnon had been coming from Montgomery, AL with her family to visit Panama City Beach.  She has many fond memories of walking the docks to see what was brought in and also heading out fishing with the Anderson boats and shared a couple with us here.

The first photo was taken when she was 13-14 years old and they were staying at the Dixie Sherman Hotel in downtown.  It’s an unusual pose as both she and her mom are wearing dresses while her dad had a tie on.  Turns out that while strolling on the docks and admiring the fish, they were asked if wanted a photo taken with the awesome catch. 

They were certainly no strangers to being on a fishing boat themselves, and her mother caught just as many fish as her dad.  After one plentiful trip, Anne’s Mom bought a brand new “Deep Freeze” (freezer) from downtown, which wasn’t yet in every household, and had it shipped to Montgomery so they could store the fish! 

Back then they had to “brown bag” it as there were no galleys on board the boat, and fished with ropes so had to be very careful when pulling them on board or you would end up with blisters! Anne is very proud of the second photo showing her with a 16 lb Grouper that SHE caught while on board the Betty Jean, named for an Anderson! Anne McKinnon1 002

They had lots of laughs with the deckhands cutting up all the time; a funny incident that happened during one memorable trip was about a pair of false teeth.  It seems that a passenger got a little seasick and was hanging over the rail a bit…next thing you know a pair of teeth go floating by with guffaws and cries of “Teeth Overboard” up and down the deck. 

image cropAnne is now 83 years old, and resides in Panama City Beach.  She is “Living the Life” as President of Coral Reef Condo Association and eats at Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant several times a month! The most recent photo was taken last summer when she went out with fishing friends Jerry & Susan Watson.

(We’ve included this as part of Capt. Anderson’s Marina’s “pre-history” when the boats were fishing out of the Panama City Marina.  C.S. Anderson had 4 sons.  Two of them, Captain Max and Capt. Walter, dredged a little known area on the beach and started pouring concrete in 1954.  By 1957 all of the boats were over here in the Historic Grand Lagoon fishing out of Capt. Anderson’s Marina.)




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