Charter Boats

Private Charter Fishing Boats – Year-Round!

Capt. Anderson's Marina is the closets fishing marina to 30A.
It’s time for you to get out on Grand Lagoon- the Fishing Gateway to the Gulf, for an adventure with one of the best Captains in NWFL who will tailor the trip to exactly what your family or group wants! All Boats listed below are permitted to harvest fish in FEDERAL WATERS except for a few state-licensed boats which operates in STATE WATERS.

Whether it is sport fishing, trolling, bottom fishing or a combination of each – even spear fishing & dive trips – here is your personal connection to 45 of NW Florida’s top guides on the local waters of St. Andrews Bay and the bountiful, beautiful Gulf of Mexico!

Listed below are all of the current Private Charter Boats located at Capt. Anderson’s Marina. Since they are independently owned and operated, each one sets their own rate and schedules.

If you want to aviod messing up Mom's kitchen, Capt. Max's Bar & Grill offers Hook and Cook- they will cook your catch for you. Also located at the dock for your convenience is Anderson’s Seafood Market – ready to clean your catch while you wait or come back and pick it up.
If you are already here in Panama City Beach, we encourage you to come on down to the marina and “walk the docks”. The boat captains post daily information at their slips advising split trip availability and schedule openings.

5550 N. Lagoon Dr. Panama City Beach, Florida, 32408
800-874-2415 ~ 850-234-3435
The ticket office is open EVERY DAY during the summer and MON – FRI during off season.

Charter Boats

Click on the boat names below to be directed to their own website:
Slip Name Phone Captain / Owner Passengers Length
1WShowtime850-258-2562Ashton Lewis641
2WSalt Shaker850-319-1200Bryan Clacker627'
3WWreck-Reaction II850-234-8717JD Moore1338'
4WNew Beginning850-348-0186Justin Steele1652'
5WReelistic850-381-7514Justin Steele1960'
6WBillistic850-381-7514Justin Steele648'
7WBillistic II850-381-7514Justin Steele1757
C.AQueen Kate850-242-7837Michael Bruce430
C.BAquatic Excursions850-774-6369Capt. Kota Roberts420'
C.CBetter Dayz850-896-4734Ben Gilchrist424
1CAble One850-896-2426Steve Paul645'
2CChances R850-890-1616Stephen Brookins2053'
3CKnot Right850-890-1616Stephen Brookins1545'
4CReel Commocean850-630-0424Brad Foran2456'
5CLady Kelley850-866-5694Mark Kelley2055'
6CKelley Girl850-866-5694Mark Kelley2052'
7CFreedom850-774-4344Wayne Luebe1344'
8CLady K850-832-4923Jon 'Opie' Akins1244'
9CTeam Aquatic850-532-5458Harris Scruggs636'
10CReel Screamer850-691-3876Chris Nguyen422'
11CReel Screamer II850-961-3876Andrew Nguyen422'
1CELady S850-866-3474Mike Sullivan3665'
2CEGracie Leigh850-774-9967Capt. Chewy630'
4CERedmon's Light Tackle850-630-2267Justin Redmon422'
5CEDouble C Charters850-896-9038Capt. Calin Creed422'
0EReel Rosie Inshore850-896-4712Garrison Rosie424'
00EReel GrooV850-774-9007Gary Stanfill1843'
1EHooked Up II850-774-8333B.J. Burkett1842'
2EBacklash850-527-6571Larry Lemieux636'
3EGame Changer850-774-8333B.J. Burkett1652'
4ECapt. Hank850-866-3474Mike Sullivan1544'
5EGenie850-624-7123Ellis Davis635'
6EGolden Legacy850-303-5938Austin Golden636'
7ECapt. Ellis850-624-7123Ellis Davis1749'
8EGreat Escape850-596-0550Stewart Miller1947'
9EFirst Cast850-596-7645Kory Freed1241'
10ECapt. Law850-866-1889John Law643'
11ECapt. Mike850-866-3474Mike Sullivan1444'
12ELong Shot850-814-8748Alicia Paul641'
14EBig Shot850-814-8748Alicia Paul4255'
15EHooked Up850-774-8333B.J. Burkett1855
16ECapt. Scuba850-235-3390Panama City Dive Center2848'
17EReef Runner850-235-3390Panama City Dive Center2850'
18EIsland Diver850-235-3390Panama City Dive Center4465'